Bad bosses and employment

Last week, on Christmas eve, I posted this status on Facebook:

Do you know how terrible my boss is? In addition to making me work today, he’s not even giving me a half-day off. What a bastard! I hate him! Merry Christmas, everyone!

A not insignificant number people misunderstood this as me bitching immaturely about my boss.

OK people – let’s set this straight: I AM SELF-EMPLOYED; it was a tongue-in-cheek statement that I made for fun.

So don’t take yourselves too seriously, my friends – you’re not important enough for that!

Jokes aside, I want to make a public-service announcement (PSA): the next time you want to contact me for work-related purposes, please go through my agent.

I’m serious about this.


Two reasons:

  1. In recent months, I’ve come to believe in the paramount importance of an editor for ANYTHING that needs to be done.
  2. [Redacted – ask me in private.]

Hence, I’m appointing Ms Lynn Lee as my agent for any work-related matters.

Please contact her if you have work for me. Similarly, contact her if you have interview questions/media-related enquiries because she is Ms ‘Pau Ka Liau’.

More contact information here at my newly created Contact page.

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