Stuff you must read today (Thu, 3 Jan 2013)

  • How To Build An Antifragile Career | Fast Company
    “‘Never go for medium profession… Literary writers should have a menial job or (if possible) a sinecure, and write on the side. Otherwise writing for a living under other people’s standards debases their literature. The same for artists. The best philosophers were not academics, but had another job, so their philosophy was not corrupted by careerism'”.
  • Bloodless Mary | Luxirare
    Found this recipe when I was searching for stuff to do with vodka and lemons and I was absolutely blown away by the effort and presentation of this drink.
  • The Four Kinds of NYT Headlines | Alex Leo
    Spot on!
  • If They’re Voting For Mitt Romney, Don’t Have Sex With Them | Thought Catalog
    “Sometimes opposites attracting can be sexy, and you’re turned on by the fact that they love dubstep, which you don’t think is music; go rollerblading unironically; or are one of those people who still thinks that Crash deserved to win Best Picture. (Unheard of, I know.) … However, this is election season, and things are different if their “little quirk” is a Romney/Ryan bumper sticker. You need to stop paying attention to dat ass for a moment and pay attention to dat electoral map”.
  • You Only Reboot Twice | The Bygone Bureau

    “After a quick, hushed introduction (they are spies after all), Bond questions the competency of his young tech and weapons expert. Q says, ‘Age is no guarantee of efficiency’; Bond retorts that ‘youth is no guarantee of innovation.’ This is the film’s central conflict: new vs. old, technology against tradition — a fitting theme for a sequel in a rebooted series”.

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