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As part of the Festival Activities for the OCBC Singapore Theatre Festival 2008, I’ll be speaking at this panel on Saturday:

LIFE: To Build A **** Society: Uncharted Territories, Untested Waters.
ART: Apocalypse: LIVE!
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008.
Time: 5.30pm – 7.00pm.
Venue: Drama Centre, Level 3, Function Room 3.
FREE ADMISSION, on a first-come-first-seated basis.

In the future, an environmentally-conscious Singapore will be a multiparty democracy, supported by a free press and a vibrant civil society. In a worldwide poll, Singaporeans are reported as the happiest people in Asia. We can dream, can’t we? We speak to some young people about their wishlist for Singapore’s future.

Laremy Lee – Playwright, Own Time Own Target,
Choo Zheng Xi – Editor, The Online Citizen,
Bernise Ang – Founder, SYINC – a network of Youth in Singapore for social change,
Seelan Pillay – Artist and Social Activist.

Moderator: Ken Kwek – Playwright, Apocalypse: LIVE!

Do come for it if you can. We’ve been working very hard to get ready for it, as evidenced by this exchange of text messages between Ken and myself:

<Laremy Lee> …Anyway do I have to prepare anything for the panel?

<Ken Kwek> Just come naked if possible.

<Laremy Lee> Ok.

<Ken Kwek> But seriously, it would be worth thinking about the following: what do you want to see in Singapore’s future (free press, less malls, etc.). Why do you want these things i.e. why are they important. And finally, how do we achieve them. There you go. That’s the brief.

<Laremy Lee> Can I just go naked? I think my beautiful body will paint a thousand words.

<Ken Kwek> Ok. I’ll let the rest know to come naked as well.

The rest of the conversation is censored but please be assured that whatever we were talking about was said with tongues very firmly in cheeks.

Last but not least, please go get tickets to Apocalypse: LIVE! if you haven’t done so already. It’s a really funny, well-written and thought-provoking piece with killer lines, and a great director and cast to boot. More details here.

OTOT opens tonight, so wish us luck! If you didn’t manage to get tickets, there’s a waitlist for the restaging, so just let me know if you wanna be on it.

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