Reflections: Session Two.

  • K: What I already KNOW about this week’s topic.
    This week’s topic was something that was completely new to me – while I vaguely understood that teachers also had to practice ‘customer service’ and focus on giving their customers (i.e. their students) what they wanted, I never knew about the practice of Engaged Learning, and that it was a formalised set of rules/procedures on how to provide that form of ‘customer service’ to students, in terms of “student-centred learning”. I’m glad for this week’s lesson, as it definitely gave me something new to think about and reflect on.

  • W: What I WANT TO LEARN.
    I want to learn about – you guessed it – Engaged Learning, as it’s a topic that I sorely need to gain a greater sense of awareness about. Specifically, I want to know how to better translate the methodologies of engaged learning into lessons that are relevant, entertaining and educational for students.
  • L: What I LEARNED this week.
    I learnt that Engaged Learning, together with the use of ICT, possess opportunities for providing:

    • Collaboration, where users are able to interact with one another,
    • Authentic contexts/environment, where users are situated within real-life examples in their learning journey,
    • Scaffolding, where users are given adequate support structures to make meaning of what they are learning
    • Evaluation (real, meaningful, formative), where users have a chance to reflect upon what they have learnt in order to internalise their newfound knowledge.

    In order for these four factors to work, we must also recognise the roles of: the student, the teacher and ICT in this process.

  • Q: What QUESTIONS I still have.
    There is much theory behind ‘Engaged Learning’, and it seems very workable. I do not doubt its effectiveness, but one question I have is: will ‘Engaged Learning’ be able to meet the needs of all students in all schools? What if, for example, we have a segment of the student population that is still IT-illiterate? What happens then? I pose this question to my fellow classmates in order to also stimulate some discussion on the topic.

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