PSA: In white and blue (Part II)

The old St Gabriel's School Badge

In a strange twist of fate, my teaching career has come full circle and I’ll be relief teaching at St Gabriel’s Secondary School from today till the end of Term 4.

Pretty excited because I’ll be teaching The Chrysalids by John Wyndham and Boom by Jean Tay.

I’ll also have to teach some English language classes, but thankfully it’s the old syllabus (I heard the new one is… complex).

In somewhat-related news, I’m trying to find a high-resolution version of the school badge you see above (the original and the one I used to wear).

The original motto was “Virtue and Truth” (or “Virtus et Veritas” in Latin, though it was never used as such); the present motto is “Labore Omnia Vincit” (or “Hard Work Conquers All”).

I still prefer the old motto and badge.

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