Stuff you must read today (Wed, 26 Dec 2012)

  • Safe haven, safe house | Senang Diri
    Two short stories on military operations shrouded in secrecy.
  • “Paper Menagerie” by Ken Liu | io9
    Is it just me or is anyone else supremely annoyed by the remarks made by the ang moh commentators who didn’t understand the Asian tradition of familial bonds and filial piety?
  • Tige is the man | Nature: International Weekly Journal of Science
    “‘Tonight we make history,’ Tige declared. ‘For the first time in humanity’s long flight from the trees, we dare to be truthful.’

    And with one final flourish, he passed his hand in front of his face and let down his guard”.

    The age-old mask/visor/veil motif of hiding behind appearances resurrected for an imagined age where we withdraw from sharing more than necessary.

  • Shanghai Nights | The Butterfly Tales
    Was very amused by the twist in the hedonistic tale.
  • Expert: Guys don’t want casual sex! | Salon
    “The evolutionary argument…goes that guys have the ability…to produce hundreds of children per year, and they can never quite be 100 percent sure that any child is theirs, so they should spread their seed widely. But what gets left out of that is the fact that if you want your genes to go beyond that next generation — beyond your children to your grandchildren — then your odds are better if you actually stick around and help raise that kid until that kid is old enough to pass on his or her genes”.

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