The ongoing motorcycle insurance saga!

So this is the third year of the ongoing motorcycle insurance saga, which I’m sure all 25 of you – my long-time, loyal readers and fans – are following very closely.

If you need to get up to speed, please read:

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This year, I’m proud to announce that the ‘Renew’ button has reappeared on the NTUC Income website:

Also, my premium has gone down to $230.03 (from $322.58 the previous year and $295.21 the year before), after a $10 rebate which NTUC Income is supposed to mail to me within a fortnight.

BTW I did scout around for another insurer this year. DirectAsia had my attention for a while; it was cheaper (by approximately $5) but I realised I’d have to pay $600 in excess if I were to make a claim.

I’ve been accident-free since ’05 (and I’m hoping to stay that way for the rest of my years!) but NTUC Income still offers the best option in the worst-case scenario.

So well done, NTUC Income – you get to keep my business for another year.

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