Leadership (Part II)

Vision and leadership.

While we’re still on the topic of leadership: I think it’s very important for leaders to have vision:

  1. Foresight (looking to the future):
    • Being absolutely clear about where organisations/departments are at present, both in terms of their achievements and their uselessness, especially when pitted against other organisations or departments (i.e. Insightful Foresight).
    • Being perceptive with regard to where their organisation or department needs to go to be less useless and more successful.

  2. Insight (looking at the present):
    • Being nimble enough to:
      • Realise that everything has the potential to go wrong and potentially blow up in one’s face, and
      • Make changes on the fly, even if it means retracting a prior decision that has proven to be useless and putting something meaningful in its place, at the risk of meeting with resistance from others (i.e. Insightful Hindsight).

  3. Hindsight (looking at the past):
    • Being reflective enough to consider whether anything is going wrong, and
    • If something has gone wrong, being humble enough to admit this and then working on fixing the problem so that it doesn’t happen again (i.e. Reflective Foresight).

Of course, all smart-alecky material is nothing without a smart-alecky diagram to go along with it, so here you go:

What type of vision do leaders need?

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