Stuff you must read today (Wed, 26 May 2010)

  • If I could travel back in time…
  • Meme-worthy but am a tad too lazy to carry this on. Anyone else?

  • The New Yorker: “Agreeable” by Jonathan Franzen
  • Short story about femininity and politics.

  • How The Male Angler Fish Gets Completely Screwed
  • Angler fish = some scary shit there.

  • Minimum wage
  • My sentiments exactly.

  • The Taxonomy of Barney.
  • Materials and Methods
    In February 1994, we observed on television an animal which was there identified as a dinosaur, Barney. Its behavioral characteristics suggested that it was dissimilar to the diverse dinosaurian faunas that are so well documented. Even accounting for the probability that some dinosaurs were socially closely organized, and that some even may have been warm-blooded, Barney’s animated attitude, communication skills, and worshipful relationship with juvenile specimens of Homo, all pointed to an unrecognized aspect of reptile form and function.

    — LAWL.

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