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  • World country, but not First World wages?
  • For years, companies have creamed off a larger share of economic gains – larger than those in other developed countries or industrialising economies in Asia.

    As a result, workers get a slice of Singapore’s gross domestic product (GDP) that is considered unusually small compared with their counterparts’ share in those countries.

  • how cpr should be taught
  • Signing up for this course… now!

  • If I could travel back in time…
  • Meme-worthy, but I am lazy. Anyone keen to take up the challenge?

  • Imagine
  • One thing I shared was that I hoped to see another teacher education institute. Why? For the simple reason that competition is good! As much as we brainstorm, we suffer from group think. And we might get complacent because there is no threat to what we think we do best.

    — Respect, man.

  • Putting teeth in the fight against rape
  • Vagina dentata – coming to a store near you!

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