Two for the boys.

Some advice for guys from links which popped up within minutes of each other, so I thought I’d share them.

  1. this is fucking it, you are in love with me.

    This is for the guys who are wondering why ‘nice guys finish last’ holds true for them. When I was younger, I used to feel that way a lot. But I think the good thing was that I never stopped trying, I never stopped taking chances and I just kept on learning. This was one of the things I learnt along the way, and I’m glad someone has put it so… eloquently.

    “You are so in love with me that you are so unbelievably ready to ruin our friendship for a chance at love. That you are willing to pick up that bat and attempt to hit the ball out of the fucking stadium. Because either you strike out or you hit a home run.”


  2. Men lose their minds speaking to pretty women.

    This is for awareness. I know it happens to me too so I try to manage it when I realise it’s happening to me e.g. take some time to pause and reflect on what is being said/asked. What’s important is that you stay in control of the conversation – but don’t dominate it.

    “…research shows men who spend even a few minutes in the company of an attractive woman perform less well in tests designed to measure brain function than those who chat to (sic) someone they do not find attractive.”

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