Recent increase in website traffic.

Not too shure where it’s been coming from, but thanks everyone who’s been visiting the site. One person whom I do know has been reading my blog regularly is Mr Tan Kar Wee (Google him, you know you want to, current and future employers), who recently revealed to me his voyeuristic inclinations by way of an SMS-ed belated birthday greeting. I suspect he didn’t want to be just another statistic. LOL!

Anyway, he says he’s been using Google Reader to read my links. At last count, there were three subscribers to my feed – so I’m guessing the other two subscribers are Dr Ashley Tan and Mr Andrew Chong. Right? 🙂

Kar Wee was also asking where I get my links from and how I post them up. It’s also related to Google Reader – this post should explain everything. Google Reader rocks, but my readers rock more! 🙂

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  • Present and accounted for!

  • Me? Just another statistic? No way!

    And yea, Google Reader rocks. If only I have the time to read all the stuff that I have subscribed to. At least I’ll spare the time to read yours.

    No, I’m not about to confess my secret love for you. No confession is needed. Everyone knows I love you.

    • Don’t need to read everything… Just Skim for Details (LOL). But seriously, I only read the articles that have eye-catching (IMHO) headlines. The rest I just browse past.