One of the favourite parts of my weekend:

(Or the Lit Field Trip rather.)

Hanging out at the Fullerton Hotel, and letting the koi fish gently nibble at my fingers, then discovering that they were good-natured enough to let me pet them. The best part was when I decided to (gently) box them, and they let me do so AND then came back for more.

I think it was then that I realised that fish could make good pets, so long as they were interactive. Or perhaps humans are instantly engaged with anything that is interactive.

I was so happy with my discovery that I would’ve head-butted the fish. I don’t think they would’ve minded, seeing how good-natured they were

But I hadn’t planned on getting my head wet, so I decided against the idea, and settled for trying to get the fish to jump out of the water and nibble my fingers. I figured that since they had been rather dog-like so far, anything was worth a shot.

But head-butting would’ve been fun, wouldn’t it?

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