Good music again, at last.

I’ve finally found out what happened to Virgin Radio UK – eight months too late! It seems the station has become Absolute Radio, which is why the iTunes Internet radio link I used to use stopped working after a while.

(Some background context here: I don’t normally listen to the radio, local or otherwise, because I don’t like 80% of the music that is played, the advertising jangles are lame and the DJs’ banal chatter annoys me. But Virgin Radio was different – the songs played like my iTunes playlist, the advertisements were creative and the DJs at least displayed some degree of intelligence.

This also meant that I was introduced to new songs which I’d like too, which was good, because it helped me keep my knowledge of music fresh and relevant. But I was rather sad when the station stopped functioning, and I kind of lost interest in listening to music between then and now. No more, though!)

Anyway, I don’t know how I didn’t know about the change earlier (or maybe it never occurred to me to check), but better late than never, I guess. If you want to listen to Absolute Radio too, point your brower toward this link and click on ‘Listen Live’ to find out the ways in which you can listen to the station.

To reiterate my point about the music: they’re playing “Patience” by Guns N’ Roses now as I conclude this post.