The simple life.

Once upon a time, the simple life comprised waking up, making a nice cuppa tea and having lunch while tuning in to podcasts/The Simpsons/South Park for three hours.

If that was the simple life, then life has become infinitely more complicated – I just had to limit myself to watching/listening to three podcasts.

Very surprisingly, I complied. There’s work to be done, so even blog posts have to be constructed hastily.

Anyway, I’ve either been very deprived of entertainment, or the three podcasts I caught were really good. In any case, do catch them if you can:

  1. Midwest Teen Sex Show Episode 23: Vaginas.
  2. the mrbrown show: drive safe below
  3. the mrbrown show: new media gahmen

Also, do consider being friends with @yandao1957 if you can. He’s a poor chap, take pity on him.