Motorcycle Insurance (Part IV)

For three consecutive years, I’ve been writing about the prices and procedures related to renewing my motorcycle insurance for the last three years.

From a simple one-click process and a cheaper quote than other companies, to a missing “Renew” button and an inflated premium, to the reappearance of the “Renew” button and lowered prices once again, we’ve definitely come a long way.

This year, we still have the renew button:

We also have a much lower premium (NTUC Income’s S$216.03 as compared to AXA’s S$359.52):

So good job, NTUC Income – thank you for making it easier and cheaper for this customer.

A personal call

This is somewhat belated, but I’m only getting up to speed on sharing the crazy things that’ve happened over the course of the last two months.

Stock Photo: A young woman holding a phone to her ear and biting the tip of the temple cover of her spectacles in a manner that, I assume, is supposed to be seductive.

Back in July, I received a message from one of the Checkpoint Theatre interns saying: “A call for you came in via the Checkpoint Theatre landline – it’s from [redacted], who says it’s a personal call and left her number [redacted]. I said I’d let you know”.

So I thank the intern and look through my phone book – I have four female friends with the same name but the number is not one I’ve stored.

So I am very wary because I know none of these friends have changed their numbers recently, and they won’t be such kookaburras as to resort to such a roundabout way of getting in touch with me.

So I cautiously call the number and wait…

She: Hello?

Me: Er, hello? Is this [redacted]?

She: Ah yes! Is this Laremy?

Me: Yes, it’s me.

She: Thanks for returning my call! I thought I’d give you a call because I read your article in Her World Singapore.

Me: OK…

She: The May issue.

Me: OK…

She: So I Googled your name and I came across the Checkpoint Theatre website and I thought I’d call you there.

Me: OK…

She: I’m actually from AIA Singapore

Many people – because I posted this encounter on Facebook – seemed to agree that she was “dedicated to her job” and that she should be given “points for [her] effort” at tracking down a new customer.

I guess… but I also thought it was a tad manipulative/unethical. Besides, can insurance agents do this kinda thing? Isn’t there a law against obtaining information in a certain manner?

In any case, my favourite solution is this comment from a friend:

Give me her number? I have IT solutions to sell to her. Hopefully she also has friends with the same name as well.

(For the record, I didn’t give her number away, though I was sorely tempted to lodge a complaint with AIA.)

The ongoing motorcycle insurance saga!

So this is the third year of the ongoing motorcycle insurance saga, which I’m sure all 25 of you – my long-time, loyal readers and fans – are following very closely.

If you need to get up to speed, please read:

  1. Dear NTUC Income; and
  2. Human beings are like currents

This year, I’m proud to announce that the ‘Renew’ button has reappeared on the NTUC Income website:

Also, my premium has gone down to $230.03 (from $322.58 the previous year and $295.21 the year before), after a $10 rebate which NTUC Income is supposed to mail to me within a fortnight.

BTW I did scout around for another insurer this year. DirectAsia had my attention for a while; it was cheaper (by approximately $5) but I realised I’d have to pay $600 in excess if I were to make a claim.

I’ve been accident-free since ’05 (and I’m hoping to stay that way for the rest of my years!) but NTUC Income still offers the best option in the worst-case scenario.

So well done, NTUC Income – you get to keep my business for another year.