A Taste of Home: Moong Ki Dhal

Nani, my grandmother, making dhal

A Taste of Home: Moong Ki Dhal
By Laremy Lee

Despite speaking disparate tongues, food bridges different generations and brings this family together.

“Where did she put it?” my grandmother asked in Sindhi, as she rummaged through the freezer.

“Put what?” I asked my grandmother in English, watching her with curious eyes.

Methi, methi,” she replied.

Methi?” I asked, perplexed. “What’s methi?”

While I’ve heard of this spice, I couldn’t cross-reference its name in Sindhi with its English name, and hence, picture how it looked like.

Biji, biji,” she said, using the Malay term for seeds as she continued rummaging through the freezer.

Methi? Seeds? I thought to myself, puzzled, wondering how I could avert this potential crisis in the kitchen.

Alas, too late. My grandmother sighed dramatically before announcing to no one in particular, her voice slightly muffled by the still-open freezer door: “I don’t know where Shanta put.”

Turning to Google for explanation, I soon found my answer…


New Word Order featuring Dan Koh

New Word Order featuring Dan Koh

Emerging from deadline purgatory to post this: come watch and listen to readings of writings by my friend and fellow obesetron Dan Koh, who will also talk about his experience as a Singapore Creative Writing Resident!

I’ll be moderating the session too, so even more reason to go!

Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2013
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Play Den, The Arts House
Price: FREE!

Register at http://nwo-dankoh.eventbrite.sg/ .

See you there!