Project Catalyse: A messaging toolkit for methanol as a hydrogen carrier

I’ve recently wrapped up the presentation and publication of Project Catalyse, a messaging toolkit for methanol fuel cell and reformer companies within the Methanol Institute membership.

The project was conceived with the aim of creating a harmonised messaging strategy for participating companies, through fostering greater alignment in the key messages communicated to stakeholders.

In a three-phase exercise that spanned eight months, I worked together with the Institute to:

  • Read and listen to the stories that participating companies told, and the roles they play in providing a pathway to a #decarbonising world;
  • Distil elements of participating companies‘ narratives to craft themes that form the methanol metanarrative; and
  • Weave a framework, as part of the toolkit, to affirm and enhance the stories told by participating companies, thereby deepening connections with their target audiences and beyond.

It’s been a fantastic experience working with the Institute on this project.

I’m awed by and grateful for how storytelling, communication and change management skills can contribute towards the good work the methanol industry is doing in providing immediate solutions to the world today, as everyone works towards a sustainable tomorrow.

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