Home In You

Home In You
By Surath Godfrey and Laremy Lee

On an amazing ride
Going station to station
Journeying ‘cross the nation
Shining bright with elation

And the dawn in your eyes
Garden city of wonder
Riversong and your summer
I could go on forever

For I adore you
Cos I’ve found a home in you
And I love you
Cos I’ve found a home in you

See the colours in symphony
Holding up the skyline
Nowhere else I’d rather be
Here with you by my side

Put your hand in my hand
Take me through this land
From the bay to the sands
To the shores of romance


Emerald hills and orchard sights
Bloom in beauty through our forefathers’ eyes
A seed of vision
Flowering into paradise


Eco Music SG50. Singapore: Clean & Green Singapore, 2015.