I have come to a decision.

My car, when I get it, will be called The Puttress Wagon, in honour of Pooters and Kill Bill. However, I will not be getting my car so soon as I have made the necessary calculations, and have discovered that I still do not have enough financial liquidity to purchase another form of transport just yet.

However, by nature, I like to share (unlike some people… WEI!), so I will share with you some of my findings. I compiled the trend of COE prices over the last three years, and it seems like now is the best time to buy a car, if you have the cash. Whether my analysis is accurate or not, I don’t know, but here’s the chart if you’d like to take a gander at it for yourself:

Am off to send Pooters for its yearly inspection now, so have a happy weekend, ladies and gentlemen. See you next week.

To get what one wants…

…one must not be afraid to be clinical. Since what one currently wants is a car, one shall clinically examine COE prices using Excel spreadsheets to determine when the best possible time to buy a car is.