One-third life crisis

That's all, folks!
That’s all, folks!

Upon meeting someone for the first time today, he says, “Yes, I’ve heard a lot about you. Your (Facebook) status updates are very funny.”

Thoughts that immediately entered my mind:

  • Is that going to go on my tombstone i.e. “Here lies Laremy Lee. His Facebook status updates were very funny?”
  • Is that is all I am known for??
  • What have I been doing with my life, if I am defined by funny Facebook status updates???

#KNN #onethirdlifecrisis

BONUS: Cruel or irrelevant comments – as seems to be the norm – from my relations and friends.

  • Fool, revise your privacy settings. Strangers are reading you?!!! (This one, from my sister, received 11 likes on Facebook.)
  • Weren’t you a nominated member of parliament?
  • Haha your this status update is very funny.

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