Stuff you must read today (Wed, 5 Dec 2012)

  • Lair of the Trapmaster |

    ‘Nuff said. Or is it?

  • The Modern Man’s Guide to Cocktails |
    If you like your alcohol and you’re past the SHOTS-SHOTS-SHOTS stage of life.
  • Quote #306044 | QDB
    A humorous take on penis size and perspective – with a dash of behavioural science included.
  • The Cobra Effect: Full Transcript | Freakonomics
    “This is what…we call the “cobra effect” where you have a well-intended scheme, but instead of solving the problem it makes the problem actually worse”.

    Which is what I feel sometimes takes place in the Civil Service and the Government as well.

  • Sing Meatbags, Sing Medicine Angels! | This Rocketship Will Crash
    “We’re willing to sacrifice colossal resources to create these geniuses. However, doctors are no better than other people when it comes to policing their own brains. They are fallible, corruptible, and certainly capable of making more mistakes than, say, a computer. No one wants to admit that many minds working together to solve scientific problems get better results than one lone genius working in the dark”.

    The case for crowd-sourcing.

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