Stuff you must read today (Thu, 13 Dec 2012)

  • Bogus Bonuses and C.E.O. Salaries | Dan Ariely
    “One of the most common justifications for hefty C.E.O. compensation packages is that if the leaders of industry are not paid well, the so-called best and brightest will no longer flock to fill the corporate ranks, and will instead go elsewhere… . While this sounds somewhat plausible, as it turns out, a new study shows that it’s just not true”.
  • When Forgiveness Isn’t a Virtue | The Wall Street Journal
    “…research shows forgiveness has a dark side. At first it may help the person who has been hurt to let go of anger, resentment and desire for revenge. But forgiving also may encourage the transgressor to do it again. Experts say reaching true forgiveness is a journey that may take years. And it is best not to forgive too soon”.
  • Mock the Vote | The Bygone Bureau
    Mock elections in US schools – when do you think this’ll happen in Singapore schools?
  • Guardians of Privacy | The Scott Adams Blog
    “Apparently there is a right kind of guardian for every type of asset. I was thinking about this as I wondered about the best way to protect personal information. My suggestion is nuns… . That sort of person is unlikely to suddenly turn evil and accept a bribe. And nuns don’t fear death because they are sure the afterlife is an upgrade. I think nuns would be well -suited to resisting government pressure”.
  • An Alternative to Democracy? | Freakonomics
    Conceptually interesting but I think it’ll create an even greater imbalance in the Singaporean political system.

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