I was at the M1 Shop at 313 Somerset last week to repair my cracked iPhone 5 screen.

For the record, the phone isn’t actually repaired – you have to pay $350 for your phone to be exchanged with what seems to be a new iPhone 5, although I suspect it’s a refurbished set (somehow).

Anyway, I encountered another “gurrrl” moment while I was waiting in the queue.

(Unfortunately, I can’t find the post that explains what a “gurrrl” moment means.

Suffice to say, it refers to a moment when someone says something that is so… innocently naive? That all you can do is to just stare at the person helplessly and say, “Gurrrl…”)

There were two people in front of me in the queue – a girl and a guy.

I had the impression they were the Singaporean equivalent of trust-fund kids: pampered young adults who don’t need to worry about work and money because they live off their parents’ wealth.

Also, they were hanging around the M1 Shop early in the day, and it is my fervent belief that there can only be so many unemployed self-employed people in Singapore.

Employment rates aside, this is what I overheard her telling him the moment I entered the queue:

“I know he loves me – and it’s not for my money.

“…he’s a famous photographer in Guangzhou but he can’t get any work because his charges are too high.

“…I’ve been using my own money – not even my mother’s money to support him. Every time I go over I leave S$2000 in his drawer.

“And I bought him an Armani watch… And I was planning on buying him a MacBook.”

When I heard that, I was like, “Gurrrl…”.

I didn’t say this out loud though. On hindsight, I should have – maybe she might’ve fallen in love with me and even bought me a new iPhone. And a MacBook.

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