Stuff you must read today (Wed, 21 Nov 2012)

  • “Stuff”: The psychology of hoarding | Salon
    One issue not discussed in the article/interview, but discussed in the comments section and something I’ve also witnessed with my own eyes – hoarding usually occurs when people belong to lower socio-economic backgrounds because:

    1. They can’t afford to buy things when they need them; and
    2. They don’t know when they’ll need what they do, so they just keep everything.

  • Type Connection
    A typographic dating game for people who like fonts.
  • Self-Help for Skeptics | The Wall Street Journal
    “In times of stress, even people with close social networks can feel utterly alone. We’re often advised to ‘buck up,’ ‘talk to someone’ (who is often paid to listen) or take a pill. Wouldn’t it also make sense to learn ways to comfort and be supportive of ourselves?”
  • Communicant | Nature: International Weekly Journal of Science
    “Helen turned slightly in her chair and scooped her hair aside with one hand. There, at the base of her skull, was the thing we had spent so long discussing: a small, dimpled disk of alloy, anodized a fashionable lime green, laser engraved with the tiny characters defining her range of MAC addresses. Helen had got (sic) a Connection”.
  • The moral case for sex before marriage | The Guardian
    “Sexual morality isn’t about how long you wait. It’s about how you treat yourself and the people you’re with”.

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