A noble profession

While at the dentist on Wednesday (different dentist from the one I saw on Tuesday), the dentist struck up a conversation before taking a look at my teeth:

Dentist: So are you having your vacation now?
Me: Er… No, actually, I quit my job.
Dentist: What! Then I can’t treat you anymore.
Me: What! Why?
Dentist: Teaching is such a noble profession.
Me: Yar, but it’s tiring.
Dentist: Yar, actually, I’m quite tired too. Can I quit my job as well?
Me: Can – but only after we finish treatment.
Dentist: OK lah. So what are you doing now?
Me: I’m writing freelance.
Dentist: What are you writing? Novels?
Me: I make some ‘pocket money’ from journalistic-type articles but I’m focusing on creative work – poetry, plays, prose.
Dentist: Oh, OK – then I can treat you lah. You’re still educating the world.


No nitrous oxide was involved in this conversation.

I also bought Dr Tung’s dental floss for my sister.

Dr Tung's Smart Floss

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