Ladies and gentlemen, presenting… THE PUTTRESS DUSTBIN-BUTTRESSED FORTRESS!

If a cyclist like Freddy Khoo wasn’t even spared, what more a poor scooter, eh?

Hence, I’ve been forced to erect a barricade around Pooters to prevent douchebag drivers from:

  • Scraping against Pooters;
  • Knocking against its side mirrors/IU; or worse –
  • Manhandling my poor scooter and shifting it every which way, if only to suit their own selfish convenience.

P.S. my scooters is called Pooters, but for some strange reason that only he can fathom, my father pronounces Pooters as “Puttress”…

P.P.S. in case you don’t know why Pooters is Pooters.

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