Stuff you must read today (Fri, 20 Jan 2012)

  • “I Love You, You Smell Nice” | ELLE
    “When we say, poleaxed, ‘What’s that perfume? I really like it,’ here’s what we mean: Stealing a kiss in a cab, drinking a Manhattan, which I have never drank before, in Manhattan, where I have never been before tonight”.
  • Found Someone’s CD Collection On The Sidewalk | Thought Catalogue
    “I’m a child of the 90s. I remember what it meant to build a CD collection: spending hours at Sam Goody or FYE or Tower or some other vaguely intimidating mall record store buying albums one at a time for $16 a pop, reading the back of the jewel case for 10 minutes, trying to decide if the band’s other nine songs were as good as the one you heard on the radio, knowing they probably weren’t, and buying it anyway”.
  • Navigating Love and Autism | The New York Times
    For all my autistic friends.
  • Let Simon Decide
    Let Simon Decide is a decision-making site that gives advice to help you decide what option you should choose, in the event you should ever find yourself in a dilemma.
  • How to Get and Stay Married | TIME Ideas
    1. Know that the grass ain’t greener
    2. Fight fair!
    3. Be good, giving and game
    4. Never stop flirting
    5. Find mentors

    — I’ve never been married, but I’d say this advice works, even for couples in long-term relationships.

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