Stuff you must read today (Thu, 22 Dec 2011)

  • Owner surprised to find cat regularly catches bus | The Telegraph
    While it’s quite a cute story, I thought I’d share this more to point out how well the spokesperson for the bus company conveyed the company’s stand:

    A spokesman for bus firm First said they didn’t mind Dodger on their buses but didn’t actively encourage him.

    He said: “The drivers have been asked not to feed it because we recognise that cat has an owner and we do not want to discourage it from returning home for food and shelter, but in principle we do not have a problem with it being around the bus station.

    “Given this cat is elderly we suspect it would be eligible for free travel, perhaps a bus puss, if such a thing existed.”

    Makes the bus company sound witty and gives it a human face right? That’s why all Singaporean organisations need to work their PR like that. 

  • How to ‘Age’ Your Wine 5 Years in 20 Seconds: Hyperdecanting | The Blog of Tim Ferriss
    Yet another reason to get a hand blender.
  • 5 People To Meet When Vetting Potential Significant Others | Thought Catalog
    I want to highlight the converse as well i.e. bringing your potential significant other to meet these five people before deciding whether or not you should get together with him or her. Assuming the normality of these people, these people will help you suss out whether or not said significant other is good for you.
  • The loneliness of the long-distance panda | Nature
    Short story about mechanical panda love. Sounds weird, but it ain’t too different from human love.
  • How taxis are turning us into zombies after midnight | S M Ong
    “They just zoomed past us and after a while, I realised that the taxis were just going round and round, not picking up passengers. I could recognise some of the taxis… . The streets were really deserted save for us, the walkers. It was like a scene from the TV show The Walking Dead. The taxis were the humans running away from us.”

    A humorous piece, but on a serious note, that’s why we need another taxi-fare model in Singapore; the current one, with its call-booking surcharges and the like, leave passengers at the mercy of taxi drivers all too often.

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