Stuff you must read today (Sun, 25 Sep 2011)

  • Manvotional: The Gains of Drudgery | The Art of Manliness

    “He who has never learned the art of drudgery is never likely to acquire the faculty of great and memorable work, since the greater a man is, the greater is his power of drudgery”.

    Read the post once on its own accord once; there’s some truth in it. Then read the post once more – but on that reading, assume it has been written as satire.

  • Kumar lied! I will never believe celebrities again | S M Ong

    “But I’ve learned my lesson. I shall never believe anything celebrities say again.

    The next time I see Gurmit Singh hosting a show on TV and says, ‘We have a great show for you tonight,’ I will retort, ‘No, you don’t.'”

    The entire column is a riot but this joke is extra funny because this S M Ong fella is the same Smong of Live on Five fame (a variety show that Gurmit Singh used to host in the ’90s).

  • Swivel shifts | Bobulate

    “…small shifts in thinking that can have large effects… [e.g.] Dutch drivers are taught that when you are about to get out of the car, you reach for the door handle with your right hand — bringing your arm across your body to the door. This forces a driver to swivel shoulders and head, so that before opening the door you can see if there is a bike coming from behind… . The coexistence of different modes of travel is hard-wired into the culture”.

  • What we SHOULD have been taught in our senior year of high school | The Oatmeal

    Well, it makes sense. In a way.

  • Don’t Go To University For The Sake Of It |

    “My parents spent hundreds [of] thousands of dollars sending me to an overseas university, and I end up writing a blog and running a gym”.

    On the other hand, one could say that this was THE lesson – albeit, an expensive one – he needed to learn in order to find out what he wanted to do with his life.

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