Lynn Lee and Wikileaks – more scandalous news.

(Conversation conducted via SMS)

Lynn Lee @ 6.40pm: LOL – I’m sitting in Aunty Vera’s car and [redacted]. Aunty Vera says [redacted] is like “Shylock Holmes“. Hahaha! So cute lah, she.

Laremy Lee @ 9.11pm: New surrogate daughter now, are we? LOL. Was washing Le Poots just now; it is so hamsum now. How’s life post-Wikileaks?

Lynn Lee @ 9.19pm: It’s okay, lah, but I’m so tired – [redacted]. Instead I have to drink copious cups of Milo for comfort. Thanks, anyway, for everything. You’re a good porklet.

Laremy Lee @ 9.21pm: Eh, no worries. It’s, like, you’re Vincent Chase and I’m Eric Murphy and I’m just clearing the way so you can walk. Haha! *snort*

Lynn Lee @ 9.22pm: Haha! That’s such a good quote (along with Shylock Holmes, of course). You should put it on your FB.

Just following instructions… Although after this, I think she will never communicate with anyone ever again.

Or perhaps only if they sign some kind of non-disclosure agreement beforehand.

ADDENDUM: Just got scolded after she saw the post.

In my defence, at least I redacted important information.


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