Stuff you must read today (Tue, 5 Jul 2011)

  • Helmetless Motorcyclist Killed While Riding to Overturn Helmet Law | Freakonomics
  • “One bizarre unintended consequence of the rollback in helmet laws: more human organs available for transplantation”.

    You know what? I bet if this were the premise of a drink-driving campaign e.g. organs depicted driving cars, I’m sure drink-driving rates would drop drastically, because human beings are not, by nature, altruistic.

  • Food Ark | National Geographic Magazine
  • “In short, in our focus on increasing the amount of food we produce today, we have accidentally put ourselves at risk for food shortages in the future”.

  • 15 Shopping Rules of Thumb | The Simple Dollar
  • “Pay for experiences, not things. A thing is something that takes up space in your house. An experience changes who you are as a person. One cannot be replaced, while the other can easily be replaced. Give me junky furniture and a lifetime of memories”.

    In my case, give me no physical gifts, please.

  • Will Glenn Ong run out of colleagues to marry? | S M Ong
  • I was thinking the exact same thing when I heard the news!

  • Dating, Madoff and Supply and Demand | The Altucher Confidential
  • “You need to contact up to 30 people to sell your business, or raise initial money for your fund, or get a job, or whatever… . What this also means, is that if the supply in the market you are aiming for is not 30 (i.e. if you are building a product that ONLY Google would ever want to buy) then you are probably in the wrong market”.

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