Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the operation I underwent.

So that I don’t need to keep on repeating myself, here are some FAQs about my operation and my answers to them

OMG what happened to you???
I went for an operation.

Why did you go for your operation?
Dental reconstruction. I had an under bite previously (perceptible only in some circumstances) so I moved my upper jaw forward and downwards.

This is what an under bite looks like:


What operation was carried out?
Bone grafts were taken from my lower jaw and were fitted into my upper jaw.

Why did you go for your operation during the term break and not during term time?
I didn’t want to miss too many lessons with my students.

Does it hurt?
When I first had the operation, yes. But now, no. In fact, my cheeks and lips are still somewhat numb at times. Something to do with the nerves somewhere.

Are you able to eat?
Yes. I can eat food in liquid form i.e. soups, curries, porridge/oatmeal/congee, etc. And of course, not forgetting our dear friend, Complan… LOL.

So what’s all the stuff in your mouth?
Besides the braces on the upper row of my teeth, I have arch bars around my gums and rubber bands to prevent me from moving my jaws too much.

When will the bands be removed?
Soon. Maybe next week?

When will the braces be removed?
Maybe at the end of the year? Not too sure about this.

After this, then what?
This is part of a larger dental reconstruction process, with the following phases and activities:

    Phase 1 – Braces (Mar 2009).
    Phase 2 – Reconstruction of upper jaw (Jun 2011).
    Phase 3 – Dental implants (tentatively Dec 2011).
    Phase 4 – Adamantium.

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