Lucky Strikes.

Marlon Brando lighting up.

So I mentioned that day that one of my poems has been published in the latest issue of Ceriph.

Here it is:

          Lucky Strikes
          By Laremy Lee 

          For all the boys from 10A04.

          Fumbles one out from the box, strikes
          it at a dulled edge: conversation
          does not ensue. He tries again – twice,
          thrice, before its head snaps off, departing
          into the distance of a long, lonely night.
          Leaves him standing there, limp
          cigarette dangling loosely from his lips,
          moisture slowly soaking filter tip.

          Lighting up shouldn’t be a dismal match
          grovelling wildly at the feet of blunted flints,
          looking to catch the song of a spark
          in a vain draw on an inflamed hope –
          that determination will grow into fire.

Go get your copy of Ceriph if you haven’t already done so.

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Laremy Lee

A versatile educator, writer and editor, Laremy Lee (李庭辉) has the uncanny knack of being one of the few among his generation in Singapore who crafts compelling stories in different genres.

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