And the winners are…

So I held a contest a few weeks back.

Five people took part in it. Wow – overwhelmed at the overwhelming support. Haha!

Anyway, the answer to the question I asked:

Hill Street, just outside the Central Fire Station.

Where is this place I speak of?

I’ve included a helpful Google Map for your reference (click on this link if you can’t see the embedded image):

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Why did I hold the contest?

I thought it’d be fun to be random, as well as to force all you hamsters to be a bit more aware of Singapore and its landscape.

I also recently visited the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery for a Learning Journey.

One of the things I learnt from the Journey was that Singapore fire-fighters have a unique way of sliding down their firefighter-poles (there is no way of writing this without it sounding like innuendo).

Check it out in this YouTube video (click on this link if you can’t see the embedded video):

Anyway, back to the contest. The winners are: Dexter Lee and Lucas Ho!

As I mentioned, I’d choose the winners arbitrarily, so this time round, I decided to choose the winners based on who responded and who came to visit me while I was recuperating at home.

Their prizes: they each get a copy of Ceriph Issue #3!

I also mentioned I’d give an arbitrarily chosen prize. This time, I thought I’d give them each a copy of the latest issue of Ceriph cos one of my poems has been published in this issue, heh heh.

If you’re free tomorrow (Sat, 18 Jun 2011) and you’re in the Orchard area, do pop by Kinokuniya around 4pm cos Ceriph Issue #3 will be launched then.

There’ll be readings and stuff; I’ll be there but I won’t be reading because I’m still quite unintelligible at times.

Nevertheless, do say hi if you’re there.

In any case, keep your eye out for the next contest – we’ll be guessing my new weight after being on a liquid diet for the last fortnight.

Just kidding (about the contest, not the diet or the weight loss).

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