Stuff you must read today (Sat, 21 May 2011)

  • 21 May 1987 | The Online Citizen
  • Happy Operation Spectrum Day, everyone!

  • Lee Kuan Yew steps down but not out | The Globe and Mail
  • “It would be closer to the truth to say that…Mr. Lee wasn’t in full control of events. It was Singapore, the city-state he helped turn into one of the most affluent societies in the world, that had left Mr. Lee behind, not the other way around.”

    On the other hand, it’s quite sad that we have to (yet again) leave the voicing of a known truth to someone who has no vested interest in Singapore.

  • Hey J.K. Rowling! | Hello Moye
  • “…I love Harry Potter and all but adding a time travel element to your universe about halfway through the book is kind of dumb. I’ve been questioning the logic behind this since…well…you first introduced Hermione’s time-turner necklace.”

    Click on the link: the graphic explains it all.

  • So That’s What International Driving Permits Are For | wordsbytony
  • “Now I know of at least one use. A policeman wants your driving licence for some dubious offence? He’s welcome to it. At £5.50 each, international permits are about half the price of an average Mexican bribe.”

  • 16 Things I Remember About Napster | Thought Catalogue
  • “3. Remembering songs that I ‘HAD TO DOWNLOAD LATER’ while I wasn’t at the computer; leading to a series of ‘scratch papers’ that said things like, ‘Gurl in bumblebee suit, find out what that song is called’.”

    That’s “No Rain” by Blind Melon! Love that song.

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