Shiny, happy brackets.

Problem: Inconsiderate, selfish boors who park indiscriminately, thereby damaging Pooters (move your mouse cursor over the pictures for comments).

Damaged IU bracket secured to the side mirror by a cable-tie.

Left-side mirror bent in; one of the perpetrators in the background.

Solution (or part thereof): Seng Kwang Metal Industrial Co.

Shiny chrome curves.

Check out the screws, man.

Had to get a custom made In-vehicle Unit (IU) bracket with a lifetime guarantee i.e. if it’s damaged, bring it back to the shop and they guys’ll do it up for free.

I paid $80; I’m not too sure if I got ripped off because I read some posts on the Singapore Bike Forum where the posters claim they paid $60 to $70 for their brackets. But those posts are 5 years old and I’m guessing the $10 increase is because of… inflation?

Anyway, if you’re a biker and you’re looking for custom-made brackets, call 6481 9580 and/or head down to:

    Seng Kwang Metal Industrial Co.
    Ang Mo Kio Autopoint
    10 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A
    Singapore 568047

It’s a long and winding route to the top of the building, but just follow the signs and you’ll be fine.

Look for Gilbert (9785 9166) and/or William (9857 0033).

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