Stuff you must read today (Sun, 13 Feb 2011)

  • The Truth About Valentine’s Day
  • There is something vaguely Sisyphean about our struggles.

  • The Kinds of People You Can Date | Thought Catalog
  • “The goal is to eventually have your shit sorted out so you can love someone just because they’re lovely and make you happy.”

  • Instructions for the New Personal Assistant
  • “1. I like a peanut butter cup the moment I wake up. I’m not joking about that. The moment I feel myself coming out of sleep, I’ll open my mouth instinctively and expect a peanut butter cup. I get up at 6:30 a.m., 7.40 a.m., 8:13 a.m., and 8:22 a.m.”

  • Everything Went Better Than Expected of the Day | The Daily What
  • I am now considering getting a helmet with a camera attached to it.

  • Educating B Students | The Scott Adams Blog
  • “I understand why top students – the A+ types – learn physics and calculus. I get why they study classic literature and the details of history. The kids in this brainy group are the future professors, scientists, and engineers who will propel civilization forward.

    But why do we make the B students sit through these same classes? That’s like trying to teach a walrus to tap dance… . In our modern world, would it make more sense to teach B students something useful, such as entrepreneurship?”

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