Stuff you must read today (Sun, 21 Nov 2010)

  • What would you be if you had more than 2 gender choices? (Transgender Awareness Week)
  • “I first became properly aware that it was Transgender Awareness week when I stepped into my Introduction to Gay and Lesbian Literature class.

    I walked in to see my normally dashing and charming professor dressed up as a woman. ‘The walk from Modern Languages to this building has never been so long,’ he began. ‘But I must say, the people on campus are extremely polite.’ Here, he mimicked a few alarmed side-glares and whispers. ‘Somebody even complimented me on my heels!'”

  • Life-Altering Traffic Light Design Concept of the Day.
  • This makes much more sense than present designs. But we don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater – a countdown timer atop traffic lights at present should do the trick.

  • Past to Present: Hands at a Gig.
  • Two astute commentators pointed out that: (a) the graphic is missing a lighter, and (b) what about a Black Power fist? But still, it’s a very apt picture.

  • Still Life, with Grandmother.
  • “On the way out the door she explains that I should lock both locks. I should pull the shade down halfway. I should level off one teaspoon of instant powder for her coffee. The thermostat is too low. The light in the hallway needs to stay on at night. She won’t eat oatmeal. I put too much food on her plate.

    I am being calibrated. For what, I don’t know.”

  • Complexity of possible ogamies (and non-monogamy).
  • A chart that maps out possible ogamies/the variety of intimate relationships that human beings have.

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