Stuff you must read today (Sat, 14 Aug 2010)

  • This dog just watched Inception
  • Its face says it all.

    SPOILER ALERT: However, you should go to the original thread and read this comment. It helped explain Inception for me.

  • The meritocratic route to oblivion
  • “Even worse, however, is the conveyor belt effect. Precisely because, in the unquestioned name of meritocracy, a certain type is rewarded in our society, there is immense pressure to churn out more of the same. Parents shape their children with these goals and young adults remake themselves to fit into the straitjacket. Alternative types and outliers are left to wither, sometimes actively pruned away.”


  • Seat Savers
  • Will this ever catch on in Singapore, given our penchant for ‘chope’-ing seats?

  • Freedom of online speech is threatened by intolerant populism
  • “Over the last 20 years, our societies have become much more attached to the idea of majority rule. The internet has contributed to this sense of empowerment… . However, we have not advanced as much in our respect for the rights of others to think and act differently from us. The internet is exposing us to difference without necessarily increasing our appreciation for difference.”

  • Government: Death penalty prevents 100% from re-offending
  • The title says it all. This is parody, BTW, in case you didn’t get it the first time round.

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