Cognitive processes toward the addition of friends on Facebook.

Or: Why I have stopped adding people I know as friends on Facebook.

  1. Hey, many updates in my ‘Live Feed’!
  2. Hey, that’s a funny comment on someone’s status message/picture/video/etc!
  3. Hey, that name/face sounds/looks familiar!
  4. Hey, it’s a person I know/used to know!
  5. Hey, let’s add that person as a friend!
  6. Hey, perhaps I should ‘Add a personal message’ to let the person know who I am in case she/he has forgotten me!
  7. Hey, perhaps I should let said person know how I found her/his profile in case she/he thinks I actively went to search for her/him!
  8. Hey… The message looks over-explained, over-apologetic and hence, extremely creepy.
  9. Hey, er… Delete.

I don’t add students either, though I approve friend requests from students. But that’s another story for another time.

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