Stuff you must read today (Thu, 24 Dec 2009)

  • Girls gone bad???
  • I quite agree that the report seems to be sensationalising matters quite a bit.

  • Why the female flirt is wasting her time
  • “…whatever the method of flirting it just doesn’t work with most men, claim researchers.

    The male brain, it seems, is hopeless at picking up “come-on” signals…. This leaves men impervious to the seduction techniques of the opposite sex.”

    Read the comments too as they provide a broader perspective of the argument. (via )

  • The end of plenty.
  • “A growing workforce, Malthus explained, depresses wages, which tends to make people delay marriage until they can better support a family. Delaying marriage reduces fertility rates, creating an equally powerful check on populations.” – Sounds like Singapore.

  • Stone-age sex law hidden in plain sight
  • I agree with Yawning Bread in that:

    1. If the act was consensual, isn’t it unfair that the girl has not been charged as well? She has, after all, also been engaging in sex with an underage male.
    2. On that note, should we even be using the law on children in matters like these?
    3. On that note, ‘underage sex’ in a modern context seems like an archaic notion, IMHO, especially when it is consensual. Is this law even up to date then, to make allowance for consent to be brought into the picture?

  • What ‘Avatar’ taught me about cooking
  • “It just boils down to one word: Respect for your food. And being a bad cook is really just disrespectful, because it perverts what should have been tasty into something that is not.”

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