Stuff you must read today (Mon, 28 Dec 2009)

  • Negative income tax
  • Yawning Bread demonstrates how alternative political parties might present alternative policy schemes to those already in place through the example of negative income tax.

  • Sex, science and statistics
  • “‘We aren’t providing realistic social models to young people. We need a healthy cohabitation program … [and] healthy relationship education,’ Dr. Santelli said. ‘We just say how wonderful marriage is. Abstinence programs are aimed toward getting you married at 20, not supporting you and helping you make healthy and smart choices as a single 20-something.'” – That’s true for Singapore too.

  • Barisan Sosialis: A Security Threat?
  • “In 1957, the leadership of the PAP, wishing to have tighter grip of the party, decided to change the original democratic constitution. The organisational inspiration was said to come from looking at the Vatican. There the Pope appoints the cardinals, who then appoint the Pope. It has lasted the church 2,000 years.”

  • The Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS)
  • “The SRS is nothing new – it was introduced about a decade ago – yet many Singaporeans do not seem to know about it. Briefly, it’s a voluntary government scheme which gives you tax benefits, in order to encourage you to save and invest for your own retirement years.” – Mr Wang explains the SRS.

  • Lesbians at Play
  • “Hilarious Irene Ang was the host and she played [Don’t Forget the Lyrics]. She asked what line followed these in the song “Little Drummer Boy”:

    Come they told me
    Pa rum pum pum pum
    A new born king to see
    Pa rum pum pum pum
    Our finest gifts we bring
    __ _ _ _ _.”


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