Why I think Allan Ooi’s suicide should be discussed (respectfully, of course).

Aaron’s comment:

i don’t understand why allen ooi’s suicide is such big state news. Hundreds of youths die everyday.

My take on this:

I think any death is sad and any suicide is even sadder still. In the latter instance, I think the motivations for the action should be brought to light – I’m of the impression that most of the time, people choose suicide because they feel as if they have no other choice. In this case, it might help to uncover why they felt that way, if it helps right wrongs or improve systems such that people don’t have to adopt the view that the only way out of a problem is to end their lives.

In Allan Ooi’s case, it sounds as though his liberties were denied and his freedom was constrained. From the perspective of most liberals/libertarians – and I’m sure you’d agree with me on this – the loss of one’s right to choose is something highly undesirable in any situation, and we should work together to prevent this from happening.

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