Was very surprised to see this in the mail. For one, I didn’t know who it was from – the red envelope didn’t give away much in terms of information. For another, it had originally been posted to the W!ld Rice office – which kukubird would think I live there!, was my original musing.

The only possible give-away about where the envelope had originated from was the redirection of the envelope from the office to my home address (blurred for privacy). But even that didn’t say much, so I decided to give up deconstructing the envelope and its contents, and opened it to find…

…my invite to the 9th Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards 2009. Sweet.

But it’s a pity cos I can’t go for it; even though I normally have work then, I’ll be undergoing minor surgery on that day and at that time, hence my no-show.

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