Good things must share.

Good things also meaning The Internets, which includes Shared Items but more importantly, Internets access.

The trainee teachers at Saint Gabriel’s Secondary have been using the I & E (Innovation and Enterprise?) Hub on the third level, far, far away from the staff room, which is on the second level.

It means that we have the room to ourselves most of the time, which is quite a good thing, since all the other trainees are fun people too, so we share many good chucks and food.

But it also means that we are suffering from a dire shortage of LAN access points, which translates to a semi-Internet famine, where five people share two cables (one person is using M1 wireless broadband).


Dunch worry – I have the Mac, so I is having the power. I’m using the Internet Sharing function to act as a router for everyone else *cough* Windows users *cough*. We had some hiccups initially, but everyone has fair use of the Internets now, so all is well again in Trainee Teacher Land.

Instructions to configure your Windows computers to connect to the Internets from Mac computers here, courtesy of Google which found this original forum post.

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