Notification of Examination Results.

Cos I don’t like to do the tango when we get to the topic of grades, so here are mine. I’d be happy to know yours too if you wanna share so please feel free. My views: input matched the output (more or less) so I’m happy with what I have. The only question on my mind though: are we supposed to get our Lit results as well? Someone please let me know.



Name : Laremy Lee
Regn/Matric No : 08XXXXGXX Date of Release : 11-Dec-2008
(Semester 1) Examination for PG.Dip.Ed.
Grade Grade Point Academic Unit(s)
Core Modules
QCE520 Language Teaching Approaches A- 4.50 6.0
QED520 Educational Psychology I: Theories and Applications for Learning and Teaching A- 4.50 2.0
QED522 ICT for Engaged Learning A- 4.50 2.0
QLK520 Communication Skills for Teachers A- 4.50 2.0
Total No. of Academic Units Obtained: 12.0
Cumulative Grade Point Average: 4.50

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