iTunes U delivers the facts behind the science fiction.

Thanks to the Utah Education Network, students at the Utah Electronic High School get to watch weekly science fiction films, many of which would be perfect candidates for Halloween. That includes films like Black Dragons, Curse of the Aztec Mummy, The Devil Bat, or Werewolf in a Girl’s Dormitory. Though iTunes U can’t show you the films, SciFi Friday can bring you the reality behind the fiction in them.


Exciting, no? I like the way in which podcasting and education have merged. And there’s a whole host of universities that have jumped on the bandwagon, including prestigious/older universities:

Programming from two of the most prestigious universities in the English-speaking world — the University of Oxford and Cambridge University — is now available on iTunes U. The two have provided lecture series, walking tours, films, “Interviews with Oxonians,” performances by the St. John’s College Choir, and video series on “Art,” the Environment,” “History,” and a range of other topics. Peruse and enjoy.

Singapore still has a long way to go then…

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