Reflections: Session One.

  • K: What I already KNOW about this week’s topic.
    While I am no computer scientist, I think I am moderately proficient in Web 2.0 technologies and how they work. The introduction has thus helped reinforce the rationale and impetus for this course, which run roughly in concordance with my own beliefs: we have already plunged head-first into the Digital Age, hence the need to incorporate what is new today into the classrooms of tomorrow, before it becomes yesterday’s news.

  • W: What I WANT TO LEARN.
    In the virtual landscape of today, technologies come and go in a blink of an eye. An example of this: I taught myself how to use HTML in secondary school and was the proud designer of a few webpages in the past. Today, however, even modifying the template of this blog has proved to be a major challenge, because I don’t know what language Blogger is using now! Hence, what I want to learn is this: how does one keep current with current technologies? Or is the answer simply “WITH GREAT DIFFICULTY”? 🙂
  • L: What I LEARNED this week.
    I learnt that I am quite excited about this course because I think it will be very relevant to what I want to do in the future, both as a teacher (definitely) and as an academic (hopefully). As an English major, I am of the opinion that the way forward for Literature is for us to start seeing ‘texts’ as more than just print on paper; I feel very strongly that ‘texts’ must also refer to digital media like Youtube, Facebook, etc. The thesis of my argument has not been fleshed out fully yet, but I believe that this course will be very useful for me in finding my way to the answer.

  • Q: What QUESTIONS I still have .
    Please refer to ‘W: What I WANT TO LEARN’.

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