In white and blue.

The long awaited blog post from the Saint Gabriel’s 55th Anniversary Dinner.

I was thinking of putting in some personal thoughts and comments but decided against it. Instead, I’ll just leave you with a photo narrative framed within the secondary school song lyrics. The lyrics of the old school song and the Primary School version are here.

See you back here on Monday, when there are more exciting posts in store.


In white and blue, boys full of mirth and life

From early morn, we flood the green playground

In every hall, soon starts the daily strife

Of school routine, lessons and work all round

With spirits bright, our will well gladly bracing

From teachers kind we learn what’s good and right

We thus do hope to attain with God’s blessing

Virtue and Truth, Virtue and Truth

Of life’s true beacon light

Saint Gabriel’s School dear

Here willing hearts behold

When duty’s call rings clear

Mid sorrows as through joys

For Singapore and God

For Justice to uphold

Let us live and thus prove

Saint Gabriel’s boys!

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